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Refund Policy

We aim to provide the best and amazing products for our customers. We make sure that all the products being sold by us are completely devoid of any defects through numerous crosschecking and Quality Control checks on each step of the process.

While we try our best that our systems and order processing activities are devised to bring out utmost efficiency, it is sometimes possible that some genuine defects might pass undetected.

 In such cases, we are more than willing to offer a reliable exchange or return for the product in situation.

We try to make it easier for our customers by placing a proper set of regulations to avoid any situations like that.

The exchange and return policy is subject to the following conditions.

  • In case a return/ replacement request is placed, the product in question is subject to be inspected by our Quality Check experts to confirm the genuineness of the claim.
  • If the product in question has sustained damage due to Improper use or Neglected Handling, then it shall not be covered under the policy.
  • We understand that sometimes damaged merchandize might get delivered to the client because of improper handling during transportation. In such cases, only the damaged products that have been reported within 24 hours of delivery along with a photograph signifying the damage shall be liable to be covered under the policy.
  • In case of products being purchased under promotional offers, the policy might be overridden by the specific offer policies.
  • The cost incurred to the company or the courier partner as well as the discount offered would not be reimbursed in case the product is being returned or replaced.
  • We try to ensure that the pace of our service is swift but there are certain time constraints that must be considered in case of return or replacement. The general time lapse between the request placement and pickup of the product is up to 3 business days. After the product has been picked, it generally takes up to 7 business days to inspect the product under the quality check for the genuineness of the claim. Once the claim has been verified, then the exchange product is relayed from the warehouse. The product delivery tie is subject to the pace and policies of the selected courier service.
  • If the product has been found eligible for the return claim then the amount equitable and eligible to the claims would be credited to you as credits that could be used by the customer for future purchases.
  • The client is required to scan and email us the copy of the invoice within 7 days of placing the request for return. The request’s verification is subject to the reception of this scanned copy.

We work to create a better service record through step on checks on delivery of good quality items to bring out Optimum Customer Satisfaction.